• reduced osteoporosis and restoration of bone strength
  • reduced hot flashes and vaginal dryness
  • better maintenance of muscle mass and strength
  • improved cholesterol levels
  • reduced risk of endometrial and breast cancer
  • reduced risk of depression
  • improved sleep
  • better mood, concentration and memory
  • improved libido
  • fewer side effects than with synthetic hormones

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Laboratory testing is essential to the safe and scientific application of anti-aging hormone replacement therapy. Just as it is substandard care for a physician to blindly administer insulin to a diabetic patient without regular monitoring and reliable laboratory analysis, so to would it be for any physician to administer hormone replacement therapy without appropriate monitoring and laboratory analysis.

Safe optimization of essential hormone levels in the deficient and symptomatic patient is the goal of anti-aging endocrinology. This requires careful monitoring of bio-available hormone levels. This also requires establishment of baseline laboratory data and regular analysis on at least a semi-annual basis in order to achieve the safest and most effective hormonal balance at the lowest possible dose.

The goal of BHRT is to optimize function and prevent morbidity with aging, and to enhance quality of life. With proper modification, adjustment, and titration by an experienced anti-aging physician, the benefits of BHRT far outweigh the risks. Anti-aging physicians remain steadfastly at the helm advancing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, thereby providing crucial research data ultimately to negate the controversy and confirm the safety and efficacy of BHRT.